These examples are all included in the download.
I'll be adding many more with time.
P.S. I'm always open to a challenge.

Parts and Labor Invoice
Cloning can be used to add to the list
of parts or labor items.
File: ex_invoice.tmkr

Basic Statistics: Means, Standard Deviations
and some Correlation Coefficients

Cloning can be used to add to more rows
of data. Scatter plot of samples set up.
File: ex_corr_coeff.tmkr

Track Overall Cost Of A Car Per Mile
Cloning can be used to add to more rows.
Clone the row above the total.
File: ex_car_cost.tmkr

A simulator that plays the optimal strategy in
roulette with your lucky number.
File: ex_rulucky.tmkr

Multiplication Tables
A small app that offers up random multiplication problems
for a specified number of pages until all answers are
File: ex_multiply.tmkr

Student Records
Keep test scores, whatever, and weight them
accordingly for a final grade.
File: ex_classroom.tmkr

Compare Loans
Easily build yourself a table with HOA fees, property
tax, whatever to compare housing options.
File: ex_loans.tmkr